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About us

Welcome to Hotel AMITY, where a story of transformation and attentiveness to our guests' desires writes the narrative of our establishment. Once known as the Atlas boarding house, in 2015, under fresh leadership and a new director, we embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine hospitality. We didn’t just aspire to keep up with the times; we aimed to set a new standard.


Our commitment to listening and responding to our clients' needs led to the creation of Hotel Atlas Garni, a place that catered not only to businesses and tour groups but also to the individual traveler seeking comfort and convenience. Yet, our appetite for excellence was insatiable. Today, we proudly present to you the modern Hotel AMITY - a symbol of simplicity, modernity, elegance, and minimalism.


The global pandemic presented unique challenges, but we saw it as an opportunity to invest all our energy into creating a sanctuary for travelers – one that stands out among the best. We now offer a range of accommodations from standard to comfort rooms, ensuring a stay that is both exceptional and serene. Our beautiful dining room serves up delightful breakfasts, setting the perfect tone for your day.


Hotel AMITY also boasts conference facilities ideal for family celebrations, meetings, business gatherings, or training sessions. And the future? It holds the promise of wellness experiences, a sauna, and other amenities that we will develop based on what you, our valued guests, tell us you desire. We remain committed to listening because it is what propels us forward.


Located just 20 minutes from the heart of Prague by train, Hotel AMITY offers you more than just a place to stay; we offer an experience. An experience characterized by superior service that goes above and beyond, ensuring tranquil accommodation.

What we offer

1.  Modern and comfortable rooms: Our spacious and modernly furnished rooms are designed with an emphasis on comfort and minimalism, so you can feel at home.


2.  Great breakfasts: Every morning, you can enjoy a rich breakfast that will give you energy for a day full of exploring the beautiful sights of Prague.


3.  Friendly service: Our hospitable staff will ensure that you have a great stay and are satisfied with our service.


4.  Central location in the picturesque outskirts of Prague: Amity Hotel is located in the picturesque outskirts of Prague, yet it is only a 20-minute train ride from the city center. Trains are available every 30 minutes, providing a convenient and efficient transportation option for your trips to the center of Prague.



The capacity and room layout of Amity Hotel is as follows

The current capacity of the hotel is 31 rooms for 76 guests. On the first floor,: there are 13 double rooms (26 guests), 2 quadruple rooms (8 guests), and 1 five-bed room (5 guests), including rooms with a garden view that provide a high standard, such as a coffee maker, elegant bed, timeless design, and premium cosmetics. On the second floor : there are 12 double rooms (24 guests), 2 quadruple rooms (8 guests), and 1 five-bed room (5 guests).

25 double rooms

4 four-bed rooms

2 five-bed rooms in total

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